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  1. Hello

    We are an outreach organization in Prince Edward Island, Canada called BioSciencePEI. We work with industry, government and academia across PEI and beyond to create awareness of, education about and interaction with the world of BioScience.

    We came across your organization through Twitter. I also coordinate the sanofi BioGENEius Challenge Canada here in PEI which leads into our National competition where two representatives earn the right to attend the International BioGENEius Challenge. Looking over what you do we thought you may be interested in looking at a way to partner. With the ability to utilize virtual resources we are no longer restricted from interacting with colleagues from around the world due to time, cost and location.

    We have the virtual resources in our community (private, branded) to connect, create, share, communicate and collaborate. We can work individually or in groups to carry out “one off” or longer project type activities. We think we would have something to offer your community and in turn you may have things to offer us by connecting.

    Please visit us at http://www.biosciencepei.com If you were interested just send me a note to gain access. Our virtual resources would also be an excellent compliment to the types of current activities you are doing. Utilizing the type of community resources we have in place you could literally connect all your contacts and visitors into one community with the tools to form groups then connect, create, share, communicate and collaborate. We can also show and connect you with those who helped us create our community should you be interested.

    Looking forward to hearing from you…



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